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2021 - 2022 Program

September 20, 2021:  "Tracing the Use of the Decorative Scroll in Ceramics History and Its Presence in Other Decorative Arts," by Miranda Thomas, Vermont potter and artist.

October 11, 2021:   "China, Korea and Japan: Separate but Overlapping Ceramic Traditions," by Robert Mowry, Senior Curator in Chinese and Korean Art at Christie's, New York, and Alan J. Dworsky Curator of Chinese Art, Emeritus, Harvard University.

November 8, 2021:  "Cumbrian Blues, Updated Narratives, Transferware for the 21st Century," by Paul Scott, Artist, Cumbria, England.

December 13, 2021:  "White Flowers -- Blue Beasts: Blue and White Ceramics from the Islamic World,

9th - 17th Centuries," by Deniz Beyazıt, Associate Curator, Department of Islamic Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

January 10, 2022:  "A Birthday Bouquet: Madame de Pompadour Brings the Rococo Garden Indoors with Vincennes/Sèvres,by Dame Rosalind Savill DBE, FSA, FBA, Former Director of the Wallace Collection, London, England.

February 14, 2022:  "Pueblo Dynasties: Master Potters from Matriarchs to Contemporaries - Works from the Crocker Art Museum's Collection," by Scott Shields, Associate Director and Chief Curator, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California.

March 14, 2022:  "Betty Woodman: Interrogating Form," by Jo Lauria, Independent Curator / Museum Consultant and Adjunct Curator, American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, California.

April 11, 2022 Seminar:  "The Origins and Evolution of European Porcelain: From the First Experiments to the Golden Age: Two Lectures on Continental Soft- and Hard- paste Porcelain," by Errol Manners, dealer in European Ceramics and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, author, and former chairman of the French Porcelain Society, London, England.

May 9, 2022:  "Westward Travels: An Overview of Exports from China," by Leslie Grigsby, Senior Curator, Ceramics and Glass, Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library, Winterthur, Delaware.

June 13, 2022: "Ceramic Arts and the Inspiration of Japan," by Jeff Shapiro, Ceramic Artist, Accord, New York.

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