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Seminar: April 2021

In addition to the seven monthly lectures, the CCC presents a Seminar each spring. The Seminar, to be held on Zoom, will consist of three lectures and will provide a deep exploration of the chosen topic:

Gifts Worthy of the Shogun:

Nabeshima Porcelain and Other Wares

in the Macdonald Collection

April 12, 2021


Daniel Chen (M.Litt.) is an independent ceramic art historian and curator with the Brian Haughton Gallery in London. Until recently, he was the Adjunct Curator of Asian Ceramics at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, where he continues consulting curatorial with a forthcoming publication on Japanese porcelain in the Macdonald Collection, as well as a digital interpretation of the Gardiner Museum's Japanese collection.  His research has been published in Ko-Kutani + Nabeshima: Japanese Porcelain from the Macdonald Collection (2020) and A Passion for Porcelain: Essays in Honor of Meredith Chilton (2020).  

Past museum projects include the re-installation of the Gardiner Museum's Japanese gallery with Curator Emerita Meredith Chilton, C.M., as well as curating the Chinese porcelain exhibition Across the Globe: The Anne Gross Collection. He received his masters' degree from the University of Glasgow /Christie's Education, London.  

Daniel Chen

The 2021 CCC Seminar will take place on Monday, April 12, 2021, 1:00 - 5:00 pm EDT via Zoom.  Daniel Chen will explore the topic “Gifts Worthy of the Shogun: Nabeshima Porcelain in the Macdonald Collection” in three lectures, with a short break between each one.


The seminar will begin with a talk on "Legendary Beginnings: Shoki-Imari and Ko-Kutani Porcelain," followed by a talk on "Gifts Worthy of the Shogun: Nabeshima Porcelain."  Mr. Chen will conclude with a talk on Japanese porcelain's far-reaching influence, "Inspired by Japan: Interpretations of Kakiemon across Europe."

Prices for the seminar are as follows:


CCC Members: $ 45 




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