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2020-2021 Programs

October 12, 2020: "Transitions of Taste in China: Fundamental Esthetic Shifts as Seen

Through Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasty Ceramics” by Eric Zetterquist, Proprietor of the Eric Zetterquist Gallery, New York City.

November 9, 2020: “Josiah Wedgwood – Potter, Pioneer and Philanthropist” by 

Gaye Blake Roberts MBE, Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Research Institute,

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, formerly Curator of the Wedgwood Museum, Barlaston, Staffordshire.


December 14, 2020: “African-Americans and Potteries in the Early 19th-Century New York

Metropolitan Area” by Mark Shapiro, Studio Potter and Proprietor of Stonepool Pottery,

Worthington, Massachusetts.


January 11, 2021: “The Influence of Dutch Delft on the Northern European

Ceramics Factories” by Robert Aronson, Proprietor of Aronson Antiquairs, Amsterdam, the



February 8, 2021: “Factory Flux: The Evolution of Ceramic Production in Jingdezhen, China"

by Adam Chau, Studio Potter and Artist, New York, New York.


March 8, 2021: “Apotheosis of the Toiler: Robineau, Resilience and #CeramicCasualties” by

Garth Johnson, Paul Phillips and Sharon Sullivan Curator of Ceramics, Everson Museum of

Art, Syracuse, New York.



April 12, 2021:The Seminar: Gifts Worthy of the Shogun: Nabeshima Porcelain and Other Wares in the

Macdonald Collection, three lectures by Daniel Chen, Ceramic Art Historian and Curator, the

Brian Haughton Gallery, London, formerly of the Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Canada.


May 10, 2021: “Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Hands” by Kate Malone MBE, British Studio Potter and Glaze Research Specialist, London, England.

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